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Introducing The IPC Eagle
Ultra Pure System

The Ultra Pure system, whether using the HydroCart, Hydro Clean, Ready Pure, HydroTube, HighRise or Hydro Station, has the unique ability to produce a high volume of pure water on normal tap pressure.

The possibilities are endless, therefore allowing you to find the right size for the right job. The reverse osmosis and deionization process to produce mineral free water provides incredible cleaning action and spot free windows.  We offer quick lock sectional poles and flip lock telescopic poles specifically designed as pure water fed poles.

IPC Eagle Hydro Tube

IPC Eagle Hydro Cart

IPC Eagle Screen Washer

IPC Eagle Hydro Clean

Introducing Stearns
Quart'R Packs

Introducing Quart'r Packs®, a quicker and simpler dilution control system for spray-and-wipe cleaning. A complement to our Water Flakes® line, each packet of Quart'r Packs® dilutes with one quart of water.

Containing exact portions of powdered cleaning concentrates, Quart'r Packs® are packaged in water-soluble film. They dissolve quickly in water – no pouring, measuring, or opening packets. Just drop one Quart'r Packs® packet into one quart of water, and you are on your way to a cleaner and greener facility.

Quart'r Packs® are packaged four small tubs per case. or, choose one tub and one silk-screened color-coded bottle per case.


Learn More About Stearns Quart'R Packs

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Check Out The Ultra Quiet IPC Eagle Smart Vac

The battery operated Smart Vac™ 464 will vacuum carpet and sweep floors at incredible productivity rates, automatically adjusting to any surface, and even cleans its own filter. Throw away your old uprights and see a return on investment in as little as a few months.

  • 24" battery vacuum and sweeper
  • Multi-surface vacuum and sweeper
  • Cleans up to 38,000 square feet per hour
  • Battery operated up to 2.5 hours
  • Ultra quiet at 55 dBa can be used at any time day or night
  • Genius’ technology—just choose the cleaning mode
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Picks up large debris with no worries 
  • Digital hour meter to measure the productivity
  • Adjustable handle for easy transport and storage

Stearns New In-Store Cleaning Kits Are A Huge Hit!

Stearns Packaging's new in-store cleaning kits offer chain stores a simple way to lower their cleaning chemical and labor costs. Each kit contains a 30 day supply of pre-measured cleaning products and makes up to 130 total gallons of ready to use cleaning solution.

All chemicals are packaged in pre-measured easy to open, color coded packs. Each kit also includes matching color coded spray bottles, training materials and includes a complete set of MSDS sheets.

Stearns color-coded cleaning kits also help improve safety and make training new employees very simple. Kits can also be customized to fit an individual stores needs.

GS 5 Green Cleaning System

GS 5 Conventional Cleaning System

Dynamite Comes In Small Packages!

Introducing The IPC Eagle Compact 15"Auto Scrubber

The new CT-15 Auto Scrubber from IPC
Eagle allows the operator to easil
y scrub 
floors in difficult areas. It's compact design also allows for
easy transport and storage. The CT-15 has a 4 gallon solution tank and a 2 hour run time. 

Learn More About The CT-15

Watch The CT15 Video

Introducing The New
IPC Eagle CT46 Auto Scrubber

The CT46 Automatic Scrubber has the highest drying performance with a three-stage motor and HD squeegee. Its compact design, adjustable handle and long-lasting battery make the CT46 the perfect machine to work in narrow spaces with high productivity.


CT46 Roller is equipped with a patented standard transport/parking wheel system to make it easier to use and store. In parking position, brushes and blades are not stressed by machine weight.


New Advanced Productivity Control brushes need less water during cleaning operations and prevent water leakage on floor. Wear indicator for an easy and intuitive brush replacement.

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